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I had this rp closed for a while, due to some personal reasons, but I am reopening it now.

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Westberry Boarding High, a top of the class boarding school in London, England. Almost every student here is from a rich background and all their parents think that they are at this Boarding school, studying for their exams and their future ahead. But the parents don’t know, won’t hurt them. Students at Westberry are reckless party animals, that are constantly taking drugs, drinking alcohol and having sex. Nobody is left behind on this teenage dream, but the drama that is rising often leads in fights and brawls. Westberry is filled with all the drama, the scandals and most importantly, the parties.

For the next two hours, message in the character that you want, and it’s your without auditioning.
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Name: Mark Pineeze [Open]

Teaching Subject: Geography

Age: 34

FC: Ryan Gosling

Bio: Geography is the class that no one really cares about. It’s not an important life skill, and it probably won’t help you ace your finals. Truth be told, the only reason you’re taking the class is because of the super hot teacher who doesn’t give a shit about what you do. And that teacher is Mr Mark Pineeze.

Mark went to Westberry back when he was a teen too. Back his hair was longer and his skin wasn’t as wrinkled, and that’s about the only difference between then and now. He still smokes, does drugs, sleeps around, has the ‘I don’t care personality’ and the ‘I hate school one too’. Even at 34, Mark is still as reckless as he was all those years ago, and doesn’t plan on slowing down on his fun anytime soon. He hates his job with a passion, finding that he has to put too much effort into everything and has to wake up too early, five days a week. Mark doesn’t teach his students anything really, other than to not do what anyone tells them too. The only reason that he’s even at Westberry is because he couldn’t find a job anywhere else and Westberry was willing to let him stay on campus for free as long as he took the position of Geography, one that no one wants or ever will. He doesn’t let any of his students run over him though. Mark is in charge and what he says goes. Mark can be a nice guy when you catch him in the right mood, but when you don’t, he will take out all his anger and frustration out on you as he yells in your face for something you probably didn’t even do.

Mark will either be your best mate, or your worst enemy. The guy who during lunch will smoke weed with you, or give you detentions. He will keep you after school to get ready for a night out at the club, or keep you in even longer for your detention. Is all really about how much you annoy him and let him sleep during class.

Name: Seth Jones [Open]

Age: 20

FC: Steven R McQueen

Bio: Seth had the perfect life, it was almost too good to be true. He had a beautiful girlfriend, was getting good grades, had great mates and his family was fine, except for his aunt and cousins but he and his mum helped them every chance they could. Seth was one of the popular guys at school, all the teachers loved him, along with the students. He wasn’t a bad person at all.

But one day his perfect little life shattered into a million tiny pieces, one night and everything in his life broke and turned to shit because of one mistake. It was something that would forever haunt him, there was no escape from it. The reoccurring nightmares, the gossip, everything. Seth started drinking to help numb the pain but everyday he would have to face the accusing looks from all the people at school. His grades began to drop when he began to be either too wasted or too tired to study. His teachers stopped using him as a role model to the younger students and just about everyone in his small English town knew about what had happened. All because of one stupid mistake.

When Seth’s mum offered to send him to Westberry to help him forget and he gladly accepted, thankful to get away from all the angry and hateful stares and hopefully start afresh. Seth hopes that starting up at a new school will help him move on with his life, and become the person that he once was.

me: Ross Bairten [Open]

Age: 21

FC: Paul Wesley

Bio: Ross is the badass boy who has girls falling at his feet. He doesn’t care what people think of him, because most people are scared of him anyway. He’s a flirt, and you can often find him at the local bar, sweet talking a few ladies and pulling his moves.Unlike most of the other boys at Westberry, Ross knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. He is sly and manipulating. If you make a deal with him, then you are signing your soul over to the devil.

Most people don’t know Ross’s history. They don’t know where he came from, where’s been, and they have no idea what he’s done. So many rumors fly around the school about him that you just can’t tell which ones are true, and others that aren’t. Some say he’s tried to kill a man before… and succeeded. Others say that he’s just understood. But Ross will never tell the truth. Secretly, he loves all the attention that people pay to him, either through the gossip, or them wanting to get into his pants. This boy is just pure trouble.

Ross might claim to have a cold heart, but like everyone else at Westberry, he has his secrets.Lately, the 19 year old cutie, Kerry Taylor, has caught his eye. But will she be no more than another girl that he brings back to his bed, or will he actually develop some feelings towards her?

Name: Layton Stenfold [Open]

Age: 19

FC: Dave Franco

Bio: Do you remember when you were 5 and there was that boy who threw stones at you because he could? Do you remember when you were 11 and you got given ‘the talk’ and you were told about the boys who leave girls pregnant at 16? Do you remember when you were 15 and there was that one boy who was a few years older than you and left you weak at the knees? Yes. That was Layton Stenfold.

He’s that cocky boy who your daddy told you to stay away from; the one that your mummy said would make you cry. Yet you always wanted him, you longed for him. You needed him. Layton will come into your life, he will take what he wants, and then he will leave you in tears, crying for him to come back. It’s his plan, kiss the girls and make them die. Layton’s only done it a few hundred times. Taking girls home, often making them think that they’re the one, but then he just leave. Without a word, or a trace and onto the next girl. And even after all of this, you can take Layton away from the girls, but you can’t take the girls away from Layton. They know that he’s trouble, they know that they shouldn’t go near him, but they are attracted to him like a magnet and metal. It’s always been that way and it always will be. Layton first realised this when he was only 14, ever since then he hasn’t had a girlfriend for over two months, and he doesn’t plan to either. He’s not one to settle down with anyone and no girl is going to change that for him. It’s just the way that he is.

Layton is often described using the three C’s. Confident; He knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. Layton is not only confident when it comes to speaking his opinions and talking to the girls, but he is also very body confident, seeing himself as beautiful and amazing. This ties in with the second ‘C’, Cocky. Not only does he see himself as beautiful and amazing, but Layton believes that he is the complete catch. He thinks that every girl will be falling for his drop dead gorgeous looks and his words of perfection, which happens most of the times, due to these looks and words. There is no denying it. And of course, that bring us to the third and final ‘C’; cute. You can’t get away from the fact that Layton is beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, perfect, and everything else that is mentioned in the three C’s, that is why the three C’s works. Because it’s true.  

Name: Dylan Jahmon [Open]

Age: 23

FC: Channing Tatum

Bio: Looking for a boy with muscles and the looks, but isn’t full of himself, care what others think of him or judges anyone? He will be there to comfort you when you need it, without expecting anything in return? He will help you however he can, no matter what he will need to put on the line or sacrifice, because he will always have your back, as a friend, best mate or even acquaintance? Dylan’s your man.

Dylan grew up with 3 older sisters and 4 older brothers, so not only was he part of a big family with little money, living in the poorer areas of London, but his life so far has been a constant struggle. When Dylan was only 3, his mother died in during child birth, leaving only his father and aunt to care for him and his 7 siblings. Dylan was the youngest of the family, so he wasn’t expected to have to help out much, but it was still hard for him. Growing up without a real mother wasn’t the best thing for a young boy. His aunt never married and lived with him and his family, so she was the most motherly figure in his life, but it still wasn’t the same. Dylan’s family had to make a lot of tough choices over money when they were growing up. But in February, his life was changed forever. Dylan was still living at home with 2 of his sisters, as he didn’t have enough money to live by himself like a few of his other siblings did. One afternoon when Dylan was coming home from his job in the bakery, he stopped in at his local corner store and bought a scratch-it lottery ticket for the sake of it. When he got home, he scratched the ticket, revealing that he had won fifty million dollars. Words cannot explain the emotions that Dylan felt, he was finally able to help his family. They were rich, he could go off to collage and everyone would finally be happy.

Over the years Dylan has learnt to be appreciative of what he has. He takes nothing for granted and tries not to waste anything. With his newly found money, he only buys what he and his family needs and indulges only sightly. Dylan is one of the most caring and compassionate people that you will ever meet and you will never want to leave without him.

Name: Drake Thompson [Open]

Age: 21

FC: Ian Somerhalder

Bio: Drake could probably be considered the ‘bad boy’ of the school. He smokes, drinks, sleeps around, and is just generally a flirt. No girl has managed to tie him down into a relationship as of yet, but that could all change at Westberry. If he is able to meet Miss Perfect.

His motto in life is ‘wham, bam, thank you mam’, and lives up to it. He’s one of Westberry’s biggest man whores, and enjoys the title too. His vain personality would normally leave most people not wanting to come any closer than they already where, but there is something about Drake that has every student, every teacher, ever female just wanting a little bit of Drake. But there is no guaranteeing that they might get it. You have to be what Drake wants and no less. He is a party boy; You can take the party away from the boy, but you can’t take the boy away from the party. Whenever you’re around Drake it’s a blast in the glass, unless of course he is plummeting you like you are some creature that doesn’t deserve to live. He defiantly has a temper, which leads Drake to have many fights with other guys, normally over something not all that important.

Although he just wants to be the person that he is for the rest of his life, no responsibilities and no worries, his parents think other wise. The have agreed that Drake needs to grow up, and actually care about what happens in his life, rather than just sitting back and watching the show. This school is his last chance to make something of himself, or else his parents will cut him off his vast funds, and he’ll be forced to go crawling back home, something he is desperate to avoid since he loves his care-free lifestyle.

Name: Griffith Waide [Open]

Age: 17

FC: Josh Hutcherson

Bio: Griffith is the cute guy that you will find hanging out at the science classes, causing some type of chemical troubles. Although he can be a bit of a nerd, he’s a gentleman who still loves to party, and talk up the ladies. Most people know him for being cute, smart, funny and lovely, but no one really knows  what’s hidden under all of that. Under fake smiles, and pretend laughs. No one really knows the real Griffith.

Two years ago when Griffith first discovered that he was adopted, he ran away from his adoptive parents, trying to find his biological ones. He never told them that he was leaving, one day he was there, the next he wasn’t. His adoptive parents where rich and spent many millions of dollars to try and track him down, Griffith had always ben smart though, hiding out in places where no body could ever find him. He took of across England, using the money that his adoptive parents put in account for him, as they new that Griffith wasn’t going to come back to him after 1 year, so they supplied money for him so that he could still live in comfort, not on the streets. When Griffith stumbled across Westberry and decided to enrol, he had no ties to anyone in the world. He is a drifter who still hopes to one day find his real parents, even if they don’t want him to.

Griffith sometimes feels bad for running out on the people that looked after him for 15 years after his biological parents left him at the front of hospital, but he still finds that is his duty to find his mother and father. Griffith is a sweetheart who would do anything for the right girl. He just needs to find her first.

Name: Lucy Naindoc [Open]

Age: 18

FC: Emma Roberts

Bio: Lucy is the beautiful Californian queen who can wrap just about anyone around her finger, boy or girl. This babe always needs to be in style, so it’s not unusual to see her with beach blonde hair one day, and chocolate brown the next.  Lucy always has freshly manicured nails, and her cell phone always out, but recently she has been beginning to enjoy the simpler things in life, due to the fact that her mother died last month and her father shipped her off to England.

Since her mothers death, Lucy really has changed. She and her mum used to be very close, so now that she is gone, Lucy can’t help but try to act how her mother would have wanted her too. At first all that she could manage to do was to send some of her old clothes off to charity, but now she finds herself helping more and more in the world around her. Lucy began to help out at the local youth center. Helping children who have things far worse than she ever will. But you can’t expect her to stay perfect forever, right? Lucy let her niceness begin to slip a little, leading back to her old ways, but her father forced her to continue to go to the youth group. 

Now Lucy is at Westberry, everything will change. There will be no more helping out at the center for Lucy, and the temptation to back to her old ways is strong, but the will of her mother keeps her going. But will Westberry change Lucy for the better, or for the worse?