Name: Sophie Grove [Open]

Age: 18

FC: Mary Kate Olsen

Bio: Another one of the most popular Wishing Well girls is Sophie Grove, she is one of the constant bitches and whores of the school. She smokes, she drinks, she can be a horrible and terrible person and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her either.

After 18 years of living the good life in Malibu, every night filled with parting, smoking and drinking and each just a little bit worse the than the last. So Sophie Grove got the shock of her life when her father and mother shipped her off to England and Westberry Boarding High for no real reason. Of course they claimed that the it was ‘the best thing for her’, but Sophie would never fall for that. She knows it’s because she is too much to handle. With her constant parties, drinking, drugs and sex, her parents don’t know what to do with her anymore, and they never really had either. It was just luck that Sophie had managed to make it this far and not went to juvy yet.

Sophie is determined to make a stand and become even more crazy, now that her parents have basically abandoned her, and this Malibu bitch wont be backing down any time soon. Sophie is a reckless girl who doesn’t think about anything except what is happening right now. The future doesn’t worry her and nor does her past. She lives in the moment and the moment only.

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